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Sunday Runday

Sunday Runday

I had a funny question emailed to me.  I’m not sure why it humored me but it did.  A lovely reader asked what kind of music do I run to?  I love all kinds of music.  I am constantly switching my playlist and any variety of music will be on there at any given time.


I am currently running to my list I titled “run, run da doo run run.”  Yes, Shaun Cassidy was my first love!  It’s a little over 30 minutes long.


1.  If I Had You by Adam Lambert.  This song makes me want to jam plus Adam’s recent arrest cracks me up.  I can envision him bitch slapping his boyfriend.


2.  Weightless by All Time Low.  This has been my theme song for the past 3 years.  Instant good mood.


3.  Sexy and I Know It by LMFAO.  Self explanatory and if I’m running outside, I always scream the part that says “I work out!”  I’m sure it scares the old people as I run through a retirement village on most days.


4.  I Don’t Want This Night to End by Luke Bryan.  This is my current favorite country song because it reminds me of my first date with my husband.  We drove around in his truck for hours after the bar closed because we weren’t ready for the date to end.  Sometimes I change the words to I wish this run would end.


5.  47 by New Found Glory.  Catchy tune with a good running beat.


6.  Drunker Than Me by Trent Tomlinson.  An oldie but a goodie and I change the words to I can’t be with a man who runs faster than me.


7.  Somewhere With You by Kenny Chesney.  The only Kenny Chesney song I like.  Nicole will kill me for saying this since she is number one fan but I just don’t like him or his music except for this song.  This is me trying to like him for Nic.


8.  We Belong by Pat Benatar.  This is almost the last song and I can see Ricky Bobby and Jean Girard running to the finish line in Talladega Nights.  Gives me the push to finish!


9.  Chicken Fried by Zac Brown Band.  I run and I still can’t eat fried chicken or a cold beer because I’m trying to lose weight!  Ug!

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Telling on Myself...

Story about my daughter...


When PD was 3, she fell out of her bed in the middle of the night and woke up screaming.  Dale ran to her room, scooped her up and tucked her back in.  At least that is what he told me because I don’t do nights.  I need my sleep.  (another example of bad mommy)  In the morning, PD told me her arm hurt.  I did a thorough medical exam (I looked at), gave her a kiss and told her she was fine.


She did seem fine.  The arm wasn’t swollen or bruised and appeared normal.  She didn’t cry.  She played.  She laughed.  We went on with life.  I did begin noticing she wouldn’t use her right arm and she is very right handed.  She was trying to color with her left and getting discouraged.  At meal times she was eating with her left hand.  Hmmm!  I checked her over again.  The arm seemed fine and I wasn’t even sure what arm she fell on.


Three days later, 3 days later I was still watching her struggle with her arm.  I called the pediatrician and told them maybe it was a sprain.  They had me bring her in immediately.  The doctor took one look at the arm and said, “obviously, her arm is broken.”  Obviously.  Just stab me in the heart.  Before you remove the knife, make sure you call family services.  I will turn myself in quietly.


She didn’t just break it a little.  She required a cast from her fingers to her shoulders for 6 weeks followed by 6 more weeks in a half cast.  Poor little baby girl with the bad mommy!


On the bright side, the doctors office said they can tell the difference between abuse and an accident.  Obviously this was an accident.

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I had no idea how busy, or exhausting, summer would be with a toddler! 


As spring joyfully transformed into summer, I envisioned peaceful picnics at the park, sunbathing at the beach, and leisurly walks along the downtown creek with my son.  It ended up being more like “cramming food down my son’s mouth as he squirmed out of my arms for the sixteenth time to go down the big kids slide, on his head”.  Or “trying to keep him from shoveling sand, not into his bucket, but his mouth”.  And then there were the “100-yard dashes along the creek, as I desperately tried to keep him from bathing in it”.


I decided I needed to approach this summertime with a toddler thing more creatively and find activities for us to do that were engaging for him, resulting in some enjoyment for me.  Here’s what I came up with:


Local Farmer’s Markets, especially if they offer live music - I strapped my Little One in his stroller and contentedly perused the market, until we came upon the live outdoor music; then, he proceeded to dance away all his pent up energy while I got to sit under a shade tree and watch (I got up and danced a couple of tunes with him). 


Children’s Museums (and if there aren’t any children’s museums in your area, most museums provide weekly children’s events) – Each week, the children’s museum in our area provides Moms and Toddlers with arts and crafts activities.  It’s a great way to provide creative social time for your little one, as well as the Mommys! 


Local barns/farms – In our area, we are fortunate enough to have the Avila Barn.  Here, my son and I were able to feed the farm animals, take a tractor ride, and pick fresh nectarines and berries.  At the end of our day, we even shared an ice cream cone…his first ever! 


County Fairs – Okay, so this particular excursion proves to be quite exhausting, but, it is well worth it.  We ate horribly, got dirty, and wasted our money on impossible-to-win games, but we had so much fun doing it!  He was especially fond of the train ride.  


Zoos – I’ve never been much of a supporter of zoos, I hate to see these gorgeous animals pinned up, but, it does provide a great opportunity to give my son exposure to animals he had only seen in books.  And, his attention span at each animal’s habitat allowed me to enjoy a leisurely afternoon with him.  We even sat at some of the animals and shared some great conversation and relaxation. 


I’m sure there are many, many more fantastic summertime activities with which to entertain your toddler while keeping your sanity, such as baseball games and local festivals.  But, I have my sites on the changing of the seasons!  My favorite time of the year, Autumn, holds such promise.

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My Son is Jealous of my Computer

My Son is Jealous of my Computer

As a single Mom, I am doing everything I possibly can to stay home with my son. As you can imagine, that involves being a SAHM.  The moment he was placed on my chest, I knew I did not want to leave him to go back to work fulltime.  It didn’t matter if I left him at a reputable daycare or with trusted family.  I had wanted to be a Mom for so long, I didn’t want to miss a single moment.




I walked away from my eleven-year teaching career, which means I have had no actual income for the past year.


I have given up my independence and privacy by moving in with my sister and her family (I am so blessed to have them).


I started blogging, first as a way to connect with other moms, and now to document this crazy-wonderful journey of Mommyhood!

I recently fulfilled one of my professional goals and began facilitating an online course through a well-known university.


Needless to say, between facilitating my online course and trying to capture all the joyous wonders of being a Mom, I have to spend some time on my computer.


In the beginning, my son, then 9 months young, paid very little attention to my time on the computer.  I would set my laptop up on my bed, sit on the floor and work from there so that when he was ready for my attention, all he would have to do is climb up on my lap and I would turn away from the computer for a few minutes.  When he was ready to go back to playing, I would continue with my work.


Over the past couple of months, however, my son has developed a strong envy over my time on the computer.  He refuses to play independently just as long as my computer is on.  He can be three rooms away, completely engrossed in an activity, but the second I turn on my computer, it’s like he has sonar!  There he is….vying for my attention….pulling at me….closing my laptop….


I have recently begun to feel that maybe I spend too much time on my computer.  But, when I actually think about how much time I am on it, it’s really no more than two hours a day (not including his naptime). 


And when I think of the alternative, going back to work full time and leaving him, I am reminded of why I am on my computer…so that I might earn a living working from home.


I know he is too young yet to understand that this is a small sacrifice for him to make, letting Mommy work on the computer so that we can be home together, but, in the meantime, I really need to figure out how to get more “work time” in during the day if I am going to facilitate more than one class at a time and devote more time to my online writing.

Suggestions?  Advice?  Words of Wisdom?